Sorority Tumblrs!

If you haven’t seen them yet, sororities from college campus’s all over have been having a “tumblr war.” In case you didn’t know, tumblr is a social networking website where you can post multimedia content and can also use it as a blog! Sororities have been using them to show potential new members what their sisterhood is like through pictures and videos. This is a great way to show off your chapter and catch the eye of a PNM!

Think back to recruitment when you researched the chapters on campus. You want to have your chapter’s tumblr show up so you can impress all the PNM’s that are researching you!

If your sorority has not set up a tumblr yet and has fall recruitment coming up I highly suggest starting one! It is a fun way to get your chapter together by submitting pictures, collaborating, and showing off your chapter’s personality! You can add pictures of your members on vacation, at date parties, sporting their spirit jerseys, or just an everyday t-shirt¬†with your letters on it!

Here are some great examples of sorority tumblrs!

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