Spring Break is Over: Tips for Greek Life After Vacation

Whether you spent a week basking in the sun, swimming in the gulf, working to refill your bank account, or resorting to the sleep-eat-sleep method in your childhood bedroom, spring break was a much needed vacation from school to rest and recharge. Now as classes resume, the end is in sight! The weeklong break provided enough fuel to make it through the remaining hurdles until you can cross the long awaited finish line and leap into the sweet joys of summer.

Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration but the remaining weeks of school are packed full with spring formals, Greek life activities, final projects, accepting offers for internships and finalizing your schedule for next fall. As the temperature rises and the days get longer, it’s easier than ever to put off the to-do list until tomorrow and daydream about summer. Professors encourage you to stay focused and on task but doing so are obviously easier said than done.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to get you through the last stretch of school and into smooth sailing for summer break.

DON’T: Let the warm weather distract you! As tempting as it is, it’s easy to put off writing a paper to spend a few hours basking in the sun on your sorority’s front lawn with your sisters but it will only make your remaining days of school worse.

DO: Go for a jog, leave your car parked and walk to class or sit outside between classes. By doing so, you’re still able to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather but don’t have to suffer the consequences of putting off studying a­­nd schoolwork.

DON’T: Give up. It’s easy to get in the end of school mindset and slack off on work but the consequences are damaging. Frequently final exams are weighted more and can make a large difference when it comes to your final grade.

DO: Use your summer plans for motivation. Whether you are excited about a new internship, a summer vacation or a few months without homework, know change is coming and use it to keep you motivated.

DON’T: Feel overwhelmed by the mile long to-do list. While the stress from it all can make you want to drive to Mexico and leave all your worries behind, allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed is not going to cross the to-do list off itself.

DO: Organize a study night at your sorority house. Assign different rooms for various study methods. For example, a silent room, a group project room and a room playing soft music are a must! Also, as you hit the wee hours of the night, taking a break for snacks with your sisters is a fabulous way to recharge. You can even make it a little fun by having everyone wear their favorite sorority letter shirts.

Just remember, you can do it! Stay focused and let the countdown to summer begin!


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