Spring Cleaning

With a little more than a month left in the semester, the inevitable is approaching. Packing! Whether you’re graduating this spring or just moving to a new dorm, everything in your place has to be moved. And putting off this dreaded task will only make finals week worse.

How on earth will you fit your entire bedroom into a four-door sedan? You know the things that you need to take home, like lamps, dressers and large furniture, but what about all of your fraternity or sorority things? Well, start by separating all your Greek things into three piles: Keep, Donate, and Throw Away

Keepanything that means something to you
Paddles, banners, bedding, picture frames, custom Greek apparel, etc. These items probably have important memories associated with them and are obvious choices for this pile. Each can be easily stored and displayed in your new place. When going through your closet, think about what you’re actually going to wear once you graduate. Keep shirts that are in good condition, maybe a couple letter shirts and sweats. If you haven’t worn them in the past month, there’s no need to pack them.

Donateanything that is too good to throw away, but you won’t ever use
Every Greek’s room is littered with crafts, especially sorority girls. Ask your little or grand little if they want anything. Some families crafts that have been passed down their trees for years. Keep the tradition going! Recycle old crafts, even if they’re not the cutest. It’s pretty easy to peal off puffy paint and redo it – saves time and money! Give away your chapters event t-shirts, like from Rush events or philanthropy events, to younger sisters. Vintage is always in, and no one refuses free letters shirts!

Throw Awayeverything else!
Broken or damaged things must go! Anything with your letters represents your chapter. Ratty or fraying t-shirts are the easiest to discard. If you can’t give away the crafts, toss them. The reason for going through your things before packing is to make sure you’re not taking home things you don’t need or will just throw away after you’ve already moved them.

Separating your Greek stuff in advance will save you the frustration later when you start packing everything else. Going through your crafts can even bring back memories, like when you got your first craft your big or a picture from your first Spring Formal. You never realize how much stuff you have until you remember you have to carry it down four flights of stairs… so start sorting!

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