Spring Closet Cleaning!


It is that time of year again. Spring is officially here! This season is associated with fresh starts and new beginnings! Everyone seems to be getting so excited about the weather warming up and the school year coming to an end. Although the idea of cleaning may be a drag, it is totally worth the feeling of accomplishment at the end!

Here are some tips to make the annual dreaded clean, a good one!

Make your cleaning space fun! 

It may sound silly but it is true! If you’re not setting the mood to get stuff done, you won’t do it! So let some light in your blinds, crack a window, and play some music (maybe your favorite Spring playlist).

Make a list.

Lists are always helpful, butt especially when you’re cleaning and dealing with multiple drawers or closets! Write down the areas you want to target so you can check them off the list after you have gone through them! Maybe start with the closet, then go to the dressers and drawers.

Pile it up.

I know what you’re thinking. Piles seem to look messy and isn’t this whole post about cleaning? You may be right about it looking messy, BUT ultimately separating clothes into piles will essentially organize your wardrobe into what you want to keep or not keep! I usually do a “yes” pile, a “no” pile, and a “maybe” pile.

Be realistic.

If you’re like me, we always seem to have an attachment to something we’ve never even worn but have kept around for years, correct?! I am guilty of this but it is time to be realistic. My new method is to think if I haven’t worn it for a year, I’ll probably never wear it so it gets dumped in the “no” pile right away!  Also, we need to stop making up excuses for events we MIGHT go to just so we can wear that certain piece of clothing! Just be realistic and honest with yourself about whether you will really wear those clothes again!


Time to say goodbye to those ripped jeans that didn’t come like that! Not everything has to be thrown out though. There are plenty of thrift stores that will take gently used clothing. You could even donate your clothes to an organization that gives clothes to people who need them! This way you are doing something for yourself while also helping others :)

Hopefully after these tips you’ll be organized and your closet will look something like this:


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