Spring Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts!

The fall semester is coming to a close and winter break is near. You’ll be working, taking trips, taking a class, or just relaxing but it’s not to early to start thinking about spring recruitment. Joining a sorority will not only give you a bond of sisters but it can open many doors. How do you know which one suits you best? ….by participating in spring rush events that’s how. So start planning now!


Here are some do’s and don’ts :

Things to do:

  1. Keep your purse stocked with the essentials : You’ll be shaking a lot of hands and talking to a lot of girls. I’d suggest bringing a mini hand sanitizer, mints(not gum), a mirror and extra make up (lip gloss, eye liner, mascara).
  2. Dress the part : Yes, you are supposed to get picked because of your personality and because you meet the credentials but put the shoe on the other foot. If a girl walked into your house with half ironed clothes, messy hair, and looked like she put no effort into what she had on, would you pick her? Take your time and dress like you’re taking the process seriously.
  3.  Be honest with yourself and make your own decisions : You’ll be surrounded by girls and there’s a 95% chance you will stick with someone you know or will click with someone.  Make sure you eliminate sororities that you cannot see yourself being apart of. Follow your gut and don’t let anyone else influence your decisions.
  4. Meet everyone you can : Spark conversations with fellow rushees during passing periods because you never know who you’ll see and need later.
  5. Be outgoing and show off that personality : Your family and friends love you because you’re YOU! You’re personality traits are what keep people around so show the girls in the sorority houses what you’re all about. Smile, make them laugh, and leave a lasting impression.
  6. Take care of your feet : Rest your feet whenever and wherever you can. You’ll be moving at a fast pace and running in heels is no fun. When you have a chance to sit in a chair, take it! Bring flip flops if you have blocks to run. Your toes will thank you.

Things you should NOT do:

  1. Watch your accessories: Showing up to rush in full “sorority” accessories can send the wrong impression. That includes pearls and hair bows. One or the other is fine. Just don’t over do it.
  2. Say no to boys and partying : You’re in college so they know that you go out and have a good time every once in a while. Don’t tell them about your favorite bars or recite happy hour menus. Leave out who your crush is or mushy stories about your boyfriend.
  3. During recruitment week, don’t reach out to sorority members outside of rush : At most schools, members have been instructed by both Panhellenic and their rush team to NOT call, text, or send you facebook messages. Just take a week off from contacting your friends in the sorority you want to join.
  4. Stay away from things that make noise: Excessive bracelets make noise when you move your arms up and down. Too many rings are unnecessary. More than one necklace is too much.
  5. Don’t be afraid to eat or drink what they provide : TV shows like that depict what Greek life is about that say sororities test you by seeing if you eat or not. Yeah, that’t NOT true.
  6. Don’t force connections : You know when someone is trying really hard to be your friend, and you’re wondering why they are trying so hard? Well they won’t be asking why they will be hoping you stop. Let things flow. If you’re not making a connection with one, try another sorority sister. If you find yourself forcing connections with everyone in that house, you should reconsider that sorority.

If you don’t get picked, don’t hold grudges. Everything happens for a reason! Just stick to our do’s and don’ts and you should do just fine!


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