Stitched Greek Letters vs Screenprinted Shirts: What’s the Difference?

Fraternities and sororities are big aspects of a college community and the members of these respective organizations often show their membership and pride in their Greek organization by donning t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, book bags and other apparel with the letter’s transcribed on them. However, out of all the aforementioned items, there’s perhaps no more popular way to show your Greek pride than by donning sorority or fraternity t-shirts with your letters blazed across it. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Greek chapters to have a different style shirt designed each calendar year for members, which brings us to the two main options for shirt manufacturing: Stitched or printed.

Stitched Greek letter shirts give apparel a professional look. Essentially, this involves sewing a design into the fabric. Screen printing on the other hand involves printing a design onto the fabric. While stitching is the preferred method of choice for more formal apparel (think: golf shirts, sweaters, etc.), printing works well producing a large number of shirts, such as a fraternity or sorority would. Here are some additional benefits of printed shirts:

  • Turnaround time: Printing a design onto a shirt is a lot faster than sewing it in, even with how automated embroidery machines have become.
  • Cost: The speed aspect that we detailed above is directly related to final cost. Since printing is faster than embroidery, you’ll not only get the shirts sooner, but pay less for them, especially if you’re ordering a large amount. Printing does require some materials up-front that can be costly, but if you’re ordering a large amount of shirts, it’s more than affordable in the long run because the hardware created for the design can be reused. Conversely, the cost of stitching is usually based on a stitch count. So the more stitching required, the more expensive.
  • Design: Stitching has its limits, but printing opens new, complex design possibilities. Literally anything you want on a shirt is possible with printing. There’s literally no design too big, colorful or complex.
  • Durable: You won’t have to worry about the stitches coming out in printed shirts. That’s because the ink bonds well to the shirt fabric, crafting a better final product.

It’s easy to see the benefits of printed shirts versus stitched shirts, especially if you’re ordering in bulk. Not only will you pay less, but you’ll get the letter shirts sooner and they’ll last longer. You might get a new shirt for your fraternity or sorority every year, but the quality of screen printed Greek t-shirts will ensure that they’re a keepsake for many years to come.

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