Studying Abroad

College is the time to explore. It is where you are able to experience many different things that you would never do unless you were going to school. Some people choose to join a club sports team, some join Greek life, and some choose to study abroad.

Studying abroad is an experience that not everyone takes advantage of when they go to college. Students think the cost might be too high, or they might not graduate in time, or they just wouldn’t know where to go. Some of these obstacles might hold a little true for you but these factors shouldn’t hold you back from taking the opportunity to study in another country. A study abroad advisor can help you figure all of that out, so it doesn’t hold you back from going to another country.  d9df21534ce40fbaacd0aa80d309faab

Spending extra money while in college is a main concern for most students. Even if you are out of state, in state, or if you are paying your way through college, costs can add up while you are dealing with your tuition. Choosing a program for study abroad can dependent on cost. Some programs will include cost for meals, and living, while other may not. Also the decision to go to Europe might be cheaper than going to Australia. Scholarships are a great way to get money to lower your costs as well. Apply for as many scholarships that you can, you never know how much you can get for a reference from a professor and an essay!

Do you want to study abroad but don’t know where to go? There are many questions you can answer to narrow down your search. Do you want to study in a country where they speak English or do you want to go to a country where they speak another language? Do you want to go somewhere with nice weather? Do you want to go to a place where your family is from? You can also consider your major when looking for a place to study abroad. For communications majors it might better to go to England. For business majors China, Barcelona, or London. And social science majors should try to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland or New Zealand.


Picking a destination for studying abroad by your major can also be a great way to graduate on time. Going to these countries that are good for your major will increase your chances in gaining credit for the classes you plan to take while abroad. Depending on your school getting credits to transfer seems like a hassle of studying abroad. It is important to plan out what you are looking to get credit for and how many credits you want to earn while you are studying abroad.  Another way to avoid graduating late is looking into summer or minimester abroad trips. This option might be better for you if you decided you only want to take a few credits or don’t want to be abroad for a whole semester.


Once you have decided on where you are going to study abroad you probably want to know a little bit more about where you will be going! Pinterest has tons of studying abroad tips no matter where you plan on going. From packing advise, to the non-touristy attractions and restaurants to eat at, Pinterest has it all.

One of the hardest things to do while studying abroad is staying in touch with sorority life for the Greek girl. Blogging is a highly suggested must do while studying abroad. Blogging about your study abroad adventures on a blog is more in depth then writing a Facebook status. Wearing your sorority apparel  can also make you feel more connected with your sisters from abroad. Take as many pictures “throwing what you know” or in your spirit football jersey while you are exploring and having fun. These pictures will be cute and perfect for your sorority’s next recruitment video!


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