Style Guide: Spirit Football Jerseys

Spirit football jerseys are the essential items for your year round closet. No matter what the season, the spirit football jersey is always the answer. This style guide will show you how to fit wearing your spirit football jerseys anytime of the year. 


>In the fall your spirit football jerseys are your best friends. They are enough to keep you warm without needing a jacket but if it gets a little too cold in the fall you can pair it with a cute monogrammed vest and riding boots. It is also great to lounge in spirit jersey with a pair of leggings or yoga pants when you have a night in.


>When winter comes around you will still be holding onto your spirit football jerseys as you pull out your winter coat. Even though you don’t want to get out of bed, you still have to bundle up. Wear your spirit football jersey with a wool scarf, bean boots, and a pair of leg warmers so the weather doesn’t make you miserable!


> Spring time the weather might be getting a little bit warmer but it is still pretty cold and rainy. When walking to class you can throw on your spirit football jersey with a raincoat and a pair of rain boots. Or when it is not raining, you can wear boyfriend jeans and Sperry’s with your jersey.


>When you think of summer the last thing you think about is long sleeves, but your spirit football jersey makes the perfect bathing suit cover up at the beach! They are also perfect for the breezy summer nights were you can pair them with norts (nike shorts), running shoes, or sandals.

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