Style Guide: Stitched Letters

“I wear my letters on my front because my sisters got my back.”

For sorority girls, stitched letters are part of the style guide to the college closet. They are easy to slip on for early morning classes and the perfect way to show your pride for your chapter. Stitched letters are a great way to shine your individual style with your accessorizing.


>You can’t go wrong pairing your letters with a pair of dark wash jeans. This look allows you to add that perfect statement necklace or infinity scarf without it being to much.

>Flats. Either you love them or you hate ’em. If you love them, wearing them will make your look classic and professional.

>Wear your simple cardigans with your letters. It will keep you warm and stylish. (You can also wear stitched letters on your cardigan!)

>Love skirts? Skirts are adorable to pair with letters, it turns a simple look into a stylish one!

Stitched letter tees are the best parts of being in a sorority, but you no matter if you have on the t-shirt you are always wearing your letters.

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