Activities To Do With Sisters This Summer!

There are 2 months left of summer vacation so you have plenty of time to live it up! Get out in the sun and enjoy your break with some sisters. Here are a few fun activities you might like:

Tubing – There are a lot of places to go tubing that cost nearly nothing. All you have to do is get in the tube, float down the river, and relax. Some places even provide little floating coolers that attach to you! Get a group together and make a day of it. And don’t forget the sunscreen! Tubing

Visit the Aquarium or Zoo – This is for you animal lovers out there. Too hot outside? Go to the aquarium and learn about some cool underwater creatures.

Hiking – There are beautiful hiking trails all over at all different levels of intensity. So even if hiking isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the walk and the scenery. Get some of your sorority sisters together and make it a bonding experience :)

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