Summer Rush

As the semester comes to an end, and you enjoy your much needed time off from school, it is important that your members continue to be active in the fraternity by rushing new people even though school isn’t in session. Therefore it is vital that your fraternity president and the rest of executive board to inform members of what the fraternity will be up to during the summer. Even though school isn’t in session, summer is a great time to host events to rush new students that are going to be freshman in the fall.  A lot of kids don’t know many people when they first come to college so it is a great opportunity for your chapter to host events for new students to attend and meet your chapter.  It is also a great idea for your chapter to assist in helping new students move in at the beginning of the fall semester. My chapter does this every year and it’s so effective because we are basically the first people they meet when they step on campus and show them a great time. Remember that rush isn’t just at the beginning of semesters, it is 24/7, 365 days a year and the summer break can be a great opportunity for your fraternity to get a head start rushing for the fall semester.

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