Super Bowl Snacks that will Blow your Mind

Even if you and your friends aren’t rooting for the same team, there’s still something you and all your friends will have in common this Sunday: you want food. If I ever went to a Super Bowl party and there wasn’t food, I would be super disappointed. So, here are some awesome and easy snacks that you can make for the big game.

Beer Bacon


That’s right, it actually exists and if you’re thinking it sounds kinda gross, stop thinking that. It is soo good. Here’s the recipe, it’s very easy and your friends will be begging for more.  Also, it’s totally fine for anyone under 21 because the alcohol cooks out but leaves flavor behind.

 White Cheese Queso

This queso recipe is amazing, and you can make as much as you want and add anything you want. I personally always add some ground beef because my favorite restaurant did that and it was mind blowing. You could also add tomatoes or spinach. This recipe will knock your socks off either way.

 7 Layer Taco Dip

taco dip

It’s a lot of ingredients, but it is worth it. There’s something in there for everyone and every time I’ve had it at a party, it never lasts past half time. This website gives you the recipe along with other recipes like Feta dip, Reuben Dip (which is absolutely the best thing ever, even if you don’t like Reubens) and Caramel Popcorn Chex Mix. They’re all pretty easy and they’ll be a hit.

 Bacon and Blue Cheese French Fries

This is a classic. All you need to do is bake some French fries (you can make them yourself or buy some) and then drizzle some blue cheese dressing (or ranch) and bits of bacon and it’s all done! Easiest recipe ever, which is good because the fries will go fast and you’ll end up needing to make more!

 Try one or try them all! Either way, your friends will be talking about your cooking skills for months and next year, they’ll ask for you to make it again. And you didn’t even have to do that much work! What’s better than that? For more snack ideas and recipes, visit our Pinterest board. Happy Super Bowl everyone!

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