Surviving Midterms: A Guide

Not every college student is thrilled about midterms. While we are thankful that they aren’t finals, midterms are almost as terrible and just as annoying. To help everyone survive this part of the semester, we put together a guide to midterms that will help you stay sane.

il_170x135.496858962_oeaq1)      Get Creative & Crafty – Don’t forget your crafty side. Midterms are important, but make sure you take some time in between studying to do something fun and productive. Crafting is a great way to take a break while still exercising your brain! Make a bracelet, paint a mason jar, get a group of sorority members’ together and puffy paint! Then get back to studying with a fresh and happy mind.

2)      Throw A Pizza Party! – Gather friends and have any kind of low key party that involves delicious food. Your brain works best when it’s not hungry, and if you have to eat anyway you might as well make it fun. Send some invites, make dinner together or order in and have an hour or two to refuel and de-stress. Even a create-your-own pizza night will do wonders!

3)      Sleep! – Studies have shown that the brain will recall things better if you sleep on it. So study, and then go to bed at a reasonable time the night before your test. Your brain will thank you!

4)      Find the Happy Medium – Don’t stress out so much about finals that you lose sleep 8h2T922689over it, but don’t make it out to be no big deal either. A great way to find a happy medium is to make a study plan. Lay out all your midterms, and decide how much you need to study for each of them. Then set aside that time. Those who stress over midterms will be less stressed because they have a plan, and those who don’t care about midterms now have a plan to stick to.

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