Sweet Sorority Quotes

Whether you’re creating a shirt for recruitment or painting a canvas for your little, it always important to find the perfect quote to incorporate into your design. Below is a list of 30 different sorority quotes to which you can use for your design or for inspiration! If none of these quotes interest you, check out our Pinterest for more ideas pertaining to your specific sorority.

>Though she be but little, she is fierce

>Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart

>Sisters make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable

>First you’re a part of it. Then it becomes a part of you.

>In the little of my little mess, I won’t forget how big I’m blessed

>Sisters are different flowers from the same garden

>From the outside looking in you can’t understand it, from the inside looking out you can’t explain it

>We weren’t sisters by birth but we knew from the start, fate brought us together to be sisters by heart

>When life gives you lemons put them in your sweet tea and thank god you’re a “Your Sorority Here”

>Happy girls are the prettiest girls

>She believed she could so she did

>Here’s to you, here’s to me, Big and little we’ll always be

>Little things can make a big difference

>Do small things with great love

>Bows over Bros

>The best thing to hold onto in Life is each other

>Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

>Dream big little one

>Individually unique together complete

>Home is where your sisters are

>Chance made us sisters. Choice made us friends

>A girl should be three things: Classy, Fabulous, and a “Your Sorority Here”

>Sorority sisterhood quotes

>Not four years but for life

>We may not have it all together but together we have it all

>Peace, love, & “Your Sorority Here”

>Sisters are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly

>There’s perfection. Then there’s my little.

>You had me at “Your Sorority Here”

>Life’s a Party, dress like it!

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