The Great Greek Spotlight- Matthew McConaughey

This week, our Greek Spotlight highlights actor and Delta Tau Delta brother, Matthew McConaughey.


Born on November 4th, 1969, Matthew McConaughey was raised in Uvalde, Texas where he attended Longview High School. While in high school, he didn’t perform in his school plays, rather he was interested in sports and played both golf and tennis. Before graduating, McConaughey’s classmates voted him “Most Handsome Student”. After high school graduation, he attended the University of Texas at Austin and joined Delta Tau Delta. Throughout his college years, McConaughey stayed very active within his Fraternity.

Following his college graduation in 1993, McConaughey caught his first big break in the film Dazed and Confused. This paved the way for the actor, as he continued to rise to stardom. In 1996, he scored a leading role in the movie A Time To Kill and worked with other famous actors and actresses including Sandra Bullock and Kevin Spacey.

Later in 1996, he transitioned from screen to print, landing a cover spread in Vanity Fair magazine. That was not the only transition that McConaughey made that year. He also shifted from comedic roles to more dramatic roles. He appeared in both films Contact and Amistad, where he played a lawyer. It was not very long after that he returned to comedic films. In 1999 , McConaughey starred in EDTV as a lowly clerk who becomes the star of his own reality television show.

A few years later, McConaughey landed several roles in romantic comedies including The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Failure to Launch. McConaughey made hearts melt across the nation.

In recent years, McConaughey has starred in several popular films and television series. In 2013, he appeared in Dallas Buyers Club, where he won best actor at both the 2014 Academy Awards and The Golden Globes. In the film, McConaughey played Ron Woodruff, an activist, diagnosed with AIDS, who began advocating for the drugs that were causing his illness. Later in 2014, he starred in and produced the television series True Detective.

Here at Greek Streak, we love the many different roles that Matthew McConaughey has played through out the years.

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