The True Meaning of Sorority Paddles

Perhaps one of the most prominent symbols of fraternity and sorority life are wooden fraternity and sorority paddles that fill the rooms and hallways of many chapter houses all around the nation.

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However, sometimes fraternity and sorority paddles come with the connotation of pledge hazing, particularly because of their shape and unpleasant national history. Because of concerns like this, paddles are banned in some houses, or forced to be called “wooden ornaments.”

The truth of the matter is, that paddles are nothing but a time-honored Greek tradition of welcoming new members to their respective houses. New fraternity members often receive pledge names that are proudly adorned on the paddles. New sorority members are given hand-crafted sorority paddles from their big sisters that represent the family of their sorority.

These paddles are not used for hazing. They are meant as a genuine present for a new sister and are just another way of showing your pride for your sorority. And they are one of the many ways to express your pride for your organization. Sorority and Fraternity PAddles

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One thought on “The True Meaning of Sorority Paddles

  1. Greek Wooden Paddles

    thank you very much for defining the real meaning of paddles. It should never be used for hazing or intimidating new members. It is humble gesture used to welcome a new member rather than terrifying him or her.


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