How to throw the best “Ugly Sweater” Christmas Event

Have you and your sorority sisters/frat brothers been thinking about having a Christmas themed event? Well what about throwing an Ugly Sweater Christmas party!

This party will guarantee conversations starters, creativity, and hilarious photos.

Where to get an Ugly Sweater:

  • Your grandmother/grandfathers closet
  • Thrift Store
  • Department Stores

What is an ugly sweater?

  • A sweater that fits you awkwardly, has tacky print, and jingling attachments. The uglier the better. Think sweaters with BIG reindeer, penguins, mitten, sequins, and multiple patterns.
  • Your accessories can take your sweater to another level.


  • The tackier the better! Big Gawky signs, mismatch lights, bright table cloths, and anything else you see that you would NEVER buy!
  • Make gingerbread house centerpieces or anything people can eat throughout the night.

Contests and Activities:

  • Now, you can’t have a party without games and contests. Of course, you’ll have a top 3 ugliest sweater contest but why not make it like an award show. i.e- itchiest sweater, cutest matching sweaters, best accessories etc,
  • Scavenger hunts are always fun.
  • Go the whole night without saying the word Christmas, see how many people say it throughout the night!

With these tips, you are guaranteed to have the best Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

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