Top Foods to Help Weight Loss!

Spring Break is either currently happening, or right around the corner! This means that it is bathing suit time. Whether or not you have kept up that New Year’s resolution to hit the gym everyday or not, there are certain foods that can guarantee to help your boost your metabolism and help you loose weight.

Here are a list of foods to help flatten that belly!

Coconut Water– This isn’t just a trend, it actually has benefits! Coconut water contains potassium which helps convert food into energy and build muscle which then helps burn calories.


Green Tea- Drink it hot or cold! Green tea reduces fat, helps stimulate metabolism and can actually improve endurance during exercise by increasing the burning of fat and calories.


Pineapple– It’s sweet enough to be eaten for dessert! Pineapple has a lot of fiber and can fill up your appetite with good calories. It contains an enzyme bromelain which aids digestion. Eat a few slices after a heavy meal and that can prevent bloating.


Yogurt- Who knew there was such thing as good bacteria? Yogurt is loaded with
vitamins, calcium, and believe it or not GOOD bacteria. It helps with
digestions and the gastrointestinal system.


Avocados– There is such thing as good fats and avocados are one of the best
examples! Avocados are packed with fiber and protein and contain oleic acid
which is known to quiet hunger.


Quinoa– Think rice, but healthier and better for you! Quinoa is high in iron and vitamin B12 which are two vitamins essential for weight loss and increased energy.



Check out our Clean Eating Board on Pinterest for more foods that help weight loss and as well as different ways to incorporate these foods in your daily meals!


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