Go Green this Spring!

There are so many ways to go green, but a lot of the best ways cost a bunch of money like buying a more energy efficient fridge, or buying a Prius. You can still make a green print in the earth without breaking the bank or disturbing your everyday lifestyle. Here are some options:

14150416_120621003000Donate the stuff you don’t want, like old clothes or shoes, even kitchen utensils or pots and pans. Your local thrift shop will gladly take them off your hands, and that way they don’t become another pile of trash to be buried in a garbage yard.

Buy a water bottle! Camelbak makes some really good ones and so do Aladdin and Contigo. Basically don’t go through a bunch of plastic water bottles. Buying a water bottle that you can just wash at the end of the day, and use for months or even years saves an unbelievable amount of plastic waste. For more info, watch this Water Bottle video!

Plant a tree. This could be super fun! Plant a tree at your parent’s house or your house, and maybe plant a surrounding flower garden below it. Trees and flowers are great for the 10180design-1 environment and it’ll be a fun, easy project!

Turn your computer off when you’re not using it, or when you go to sleep. It doesn’t need to run all night. For one, you’re using electricity. You’re also making your computer vulnerable to viruses and other threats any time it’s running, so if you’re not using it just turn it off. It’s a simple, easy way to save money and save the environment!

These are only a few steps that you can do to become more Green this Spring. For more ideas, check out our Going Green Pinterest board!

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