Welcoming Back Your House Mom!

Welcome back your house mom this fall by surprising her with a few simple presents! Sometimes we forget how hard they work and how much they love every girl in the house, so give your house mom a basket of gifts as a thanks for all the work she does!


Most of the time your house mother was in the same sorority as you, but it is definitely possible that they were in a different house! Find out what house she was in and give her one of our Press Collection shirts! There is no minimum order for these shirts so take a look at our designs and find one that fits her personality!

Another easy thing to do is make a huge sign to put outside your house welcoming her back for the fall! She will absolutely LOVE this and will feel so special. Also get your whole chapter to sign a card for her!

Lastly, get her a bouquet of flowers! What woman doesn’t love flowers?! This will look great in her room and will show her how much you all appreciate her.

Once Fall rolls around you should always offer your house mom the option to order t-shirts with your chapter! She was in a sorority once too, and who knows, maybe she wants to rock a spirit jersey!

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