Fall Rush Planning: Prepare Your Fall Rush Wish List

Believe it or not, this semester is quickly coming to an end. Summer will fly by (like it always seems to do), and the Fall 2013 semester will be underway. And as most Greeks know, fall means recruitment. Don’t let Rush catch you off guard! Getting a head start NOW will keep you from pulling out your hair come August. And the best way to ease into recruitment season? Starting your chapters Wish List.

Wish List
A list created by your members of individuals who have the qualities your chapter is looking for in their new members. This list should include: Name, Contact Information, Member’s Name who Referred them, and any events individual has attended (BBQs, Friendship Parties/Socials, on campus events for Greeks or other organizations, etc.). These names can be gathered year round and edited at any time. Designate one person to be in charge of the Wish List, Recruitment Chair is your best option.
Having a Wish List helps the recruitment process and keep members eyes open during Rush. By having an idea of the people coming to Rush, it’ll be easier to select your new members for the fall.

Wish Lists are great for keeping in contact with potential new members. Send a quick reminder over summer break about upcoming fall recruitment. Use the list to create a Facebook group listing all the dates for Greek activities coming up in the Fall. Shoot them a text this semester about a social event your chapter is having before finals. Utilizing this list will ensure a great turn out for your rush events in the Fall.

Your organization may already have something similar to a Wish List, like Rush Crushes. Whatever the name, it’s important to have some standards for people who are on your list. Here’s a few qualities you should look for in a New Member:
High School Involvement – Freshmen who were involved in activities in high school will be itching to get involved when they get to college. This is a great opportunity for you to tell them about what Greek Life can offer, especially if they are interested in leadership positions! Share all your philanthropies and what your Greek schedule is like.
Drama Free Zone – There is no room for Drama Queens or gossipers in Greek Life. It’s inevitable in a social organization that there will be some little fits or cliqueness, but don’t extend a bid to it. Keeping your distance from conflicting people will be a major benefit!
College Involvement – Just because they are an underclassmen doesn’t mean they aren’t already on campus. This can actually be a bonus for your chapter! Most sorority and fraternity nationals want their members to be involved in more than just Greek Life. Students who are already active in something else show that they can balance their course load and additional schedules. Active membership on sports teams, Student Senate, Campus Activities Board, etc will give character to your organization, and also create positive relationships with these groups
A Good Reputation – An organization’s reputation reflects directly on each of its members, that means you! Inviting someone who has a negative reputation is not a good way of maintaining your positive image on campus. Skipping or failing class, picking fights, or over partying are definitely qualities you need to stay away from. Make sure that everything you’re hearing about someone is accurate!
They Fit In! – No one chapter is like another, regardless of location or letters. Each chapter has their own unique personality, and so do their members. When adding people to your Wish List, consider whether they will fit in with the rest of your members.

Social media is a great way to find Wish List additions. Check out your Facebook friend’s pages. If someone posts about getting accepted to your university, tell them congrats! Offer to help them find classes or things to do around campus come fall. Maybe help them move in. Use your resources and reach out!

Don’t forget, potentials are everywhere! Here are places to find quality additions to your Wish List:
Class Campus Club/Organization Meetings Campus Book Store
Gym Student Union Group Study Sessions Library  Sporting Events Dining Hall
New Student Day/Freshmen Welcome on Campus
Recruiting outside the party atmosphere will help insure your Wish List additions aren’t ones who only care about partying. Remember, Greek Life isn’t just about socializing, there is an important business aspect that runs every chapter.

The most important thing you can do: WEAR YOUR LETTERS! Wear them everywhere! Wear them with respect! Advertising your letters on campus by wearing Greek letter shirts keeps people aware of your organization. This in-your-face approach will guarantee students to see you around campus, maybe even getting a few freshmen (this semester and next) to ask you about your letters! Even if your peers can’t tell the difference between an Epsilon and a Sigma, representing your organization can only benefit!

Wish Lists have no permanence to them, editing is encouraged! Utilizing a Wish List helps your chapter prepare for Fall Rush. It’s a quick and simple way to keep track of interested potential new members and ones that you’re interested in, too!

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