Zeta Tau Alpha


As a sister of ZTA at Towson University, I have come to learn the true meaning of sisterhood. I went through formal recruitment spring semester of freshman year and could not have made a better choice. My sisters have been there through everything. Everyone has ups and downs but knowing there were a hundred girls that had my back made my first 2 years of college so much easier. Not only have I made some amazing friends, but I’ve also found my own little family at my home away from home.

Zeta Tau Alpha’s formal recruitment was one of the first things that attracted me to them. From the decorations and themes to the outfits. Not to mention everyone’s bubbly personality. The environment was just so welcoming and even though I was so nervous, every single girl made me feel at home. If you’ve gone through formal recruitment, then you know it’s unlike any other experience. Your adrenaline is pumping and after countless hours of talking to countless number of girls, you know where you belong. And for those who haven’t gone through it yet, just listen to your gut and you’ll know where you belong too.

After 2 weeks of talking to hundreds of girls, I knew Zeta was home. The philanthropy, the people, and what they stood for. It was everything I had been looking for. Once bid day rolled around, I was so excited to receive a bid from ZTA. I was also excited to get my ZTA bid day shirt that read “Crowning the best since 1898” – got that right! :)


Maybe I’m being biased but ZTAs’ recruitment shirts and bid day shirts were on point. It’s what made us stand out at first glance. That’s why it’s important for every sorority to find their own unique shirts and designs to stand out from the rest. Check out some of our designs and fill out a Quick Quote form now!


Maddie Davis

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